Best 15+ Career Coaches in France

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Best 15+ Career Coaches in France

Kristi Alcouffe

Kristi About herself,

I was born in the USA and studied in the USA and in France.  I have a B.S. from the University of Connecticut School of Business including my Junior year at the University of Rouen.  After finishing my studies, I worked as a financial analyst in the heart of the Boston Financial District.

I have lived and worked in France for the past 25 years as an Independent Trainer/Consultant. I’m very proud to be a certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (A.C.C.) and also certified by Erickson (E.P.C.).  I love helping my Coachees meet the challenges that our new VUCCA* world presents.

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Alejandrina Kristia

Whereas others can throw themselves into their job or live their home life in relative comfort without a second thought, you care deeply about improving the world, so you have to make the same efforts as others to succeed in their career and home life, while also spending time and energy double-guessing your choices, often feeling guilty and conflicted.

Sometimes you compensate by working even harder or splitting your attention among these multiple goals in suboptimal ways, such that your career, health, and social life suffer — and ultimately your positive impact is curtailed.

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Claire Harbour

Claire’s Words,

People choose to work with me because they find balance and insight in the wisdom that comes with experience and the fresh honesty that is my natural way. I see and express complex things simply, connect ideas, people and opportunities, find deeply creative angles on problems, and say what others do not dare to say.

Whether you have a challenge in your own or your organization’s growth, or you wish to discover the latest research in career or talent management; whether you want a dynamic speaker or leader to get your people’s creative juices flowing, or you just want to see complex things in a simpler way, I can help.
You only have to ask!

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Konold Constance

Constance was trained as career consultant by Career Management Systems of Boston. She is a certified career and master NLP coach trained in Paris and London.

Starting from a solid base as manager and chief of staff for international corporate leaders, educators and diplomats in France, Malaysia and Africa over the last twenty years, Constance formalized her coaching skills as a response to market demand for multi-cultural coaches.

Her aim is to accompany executives and educators through expatriation and relocation; company leaders and staff, individually or as teams, through expansion, down-sizing, mergers, take-overs or other major upheavals in corporate life; and all individuals facing personal challenges due to change (marriage, divorce, death, pregnancy, job loss, promotions, career re-orientation, higher education, etc.). Constance ‘s specialty is career coaching.

In addition to teaching master’s-level hospitality HR and communications at Eshotel Paris & London and supervision at the Académie International de Management (AIM-Paris), she is a guest lecturer at the Ecole de Savignac (Dordogne) and tutors ESSEC MBA students.

Constance is also skilled in the use of such progressive techniques as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EMDT (Eye Movement Diagnostic Therapy).

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Valérie Rocoplan

Valérie Rocoplan is the founder and director of Talentis, which she created in 2003 after a 15-year career in Marketing in large international groups (Ceruti, LVMH, Essilor). Today, Valérie Rocoplan supervises the Talentis team and focuses her energy on the design and deployment of management development programs adapted to the new challenges of organizations.

Passionate about managerial innovation, Valérie Rocoplan is developing new ways of supporting managers and leaders to boost confidence, collaboration and daring within teams. Entrepreneur e enthusiastic and committed, Valerie Rocoplan is now recognized for the quality of partnership it built with all interlocutors Talentis.

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Véronique IZAMBARD

Has been managing training centers for over 20 years. Launches her company in 2010. Véronique heads the Languages, Management and HR departments. Graduated from Sciences Po International Relations, DESS Sociology and interethnic relations, Master Coach CNAM, Mastery of foreign languages. Intercultural specialist, Véronique develops P2i, the evaluation of the cultural profile.

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Marie Moulin

Marie Moulin Roussel worked for twenty years as legal director and human resources director in the audiovisual, multimedia and internet sectors. She then sought to reorient her career towards an activity which would enhance both her talents as a “creative entrepreneur” and her experience, an activity which would be close to her values.

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Axele Elbaz

  • Specialized in career management, having previously been in charge of recruitment
  • Has supported more than 1,200 people in 14 years
  • Specialized in business creation
  • Specialized in orientation assessment for 15/21 year olds
  •  Consultant, Trainer on the following issues: vocational training reform, team management, leadership, conflict management, how to recruit, how to conduct an assessment interview
  • Graduated with a Master I in Labor Law, a Master I and II in Philosophy at the University of Paris I Sorbonne, and a Master II in Personnel Administration and Human Resources Management,

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Olivier Schil

HR and Management Trainer.

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Jocelyne ROUDIER

She moved from the legal environment to the human resources of a large press group (NMPP), assuming operational responsibilities for communication, management, and negotiation. A consultant since 1990 within various firms, she created Ac’SENS

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Florence AUER:

A job consultant and an HR Manager.

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Sophie Beriot

With a wealth of experience in Human Resources in computer engineering companies, I have chosen to orient my course towards the development of human potential, through two axes: professionals and students.

As a certified coach, I support executives and managers in their issues related to key moments in their careers: career transition, taking office, change management, leadership, conflict management.

I provide personalized advice to students in their choice of academic and professional orientation.
I help them reveal their potential to improve their performance.

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Zeva Bellel

Zeva’s Words about her,

I’m also a native New Yorker and former marketing director at Yelp.

I work with intercultural womxn to clarify and concretely bring their most meaningful goals to life.

The ones they’ve been too polite or scared to pursue passionately.

Until now.

Expertise: Expatriatism, Intercultural Identity, Work / Life Balance, Career Transitions, Startup Culture, Leadership and Management, Community.

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After a 10-year career in teaching and research in Psychology, I wanted to get closer to the person as a resource. For a few years, I shared the daily life of adolescents placed in a reception structure, then turned to support job seekers afterwards.

For more than 10 years, within Activ’Source Consulting, I have supported everyone in their thinking in order to help them determine their orientation, their professional choices and define the criteria for their personal and professional development.

Professional development: Skills assessment – outplacement – Youth guidance – Business creation – personal coaching

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