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Hello People, We hope you are doing great. Today in this post we are publishing Best Career Coaches in Germany. We hope this information will definitely help you to build your career.

Best 15+ Career Coaches in Germany

Sophia Rundsted

Sophia’a Words,

I am CEO at von Rundstedt, the German market leader in outplacement consulting, and a mother of two children. Suddenly, I was in my element professionally when I joined the family business in 2003. Now I am committed to ensuring that my employees and our clients achieve the same.

I am convinced that modern careers adapt to the different phases of our lives and allow for changes of roles and tasks. These changes can take place on vertical or horizontal axes. For us, they present opportunities to individually shape professional and private goals. For companies, they are an option to react flexibly and fast to chances and challenges.

In recent years, we have established an agile mindset at von Rundstedt, which enables us to work even faster and more customer-oriented on innovative and individual solutions for our customers.

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Robert Knight

Robert About himself,

I support professionals in their leadership and career development as they make meaningful contribution through their work and in their organizations.

My services include:

– Executive Coaching for emerging and established leaders
– Team Coaching for newly formed and existing teams
– Career Transition Coaching for experienced professionals in career change
– Personal Coaching for individuals

My mission is to help experienced professionals, business leaders, teams and other individuals to discover and development their full human potential as they make a positive impact in the world.

Building on over twenty years’ experience in International Human Resources Management, Coaching and Consulting, I follow a systemic-integral approach, combing the latest in research-based methods and tools from various fields, including Adult Development Theory, Integral Leadership and neurosciences to help clients discover and develop their full human potential as expressed through their work to make a positive impact in the world.

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Jessica Schüller

Jessica’s Words,

Through coaching hundreds of international students, young professionals, and ex-pats, I’ve developed an evidence-backed system to get internationals prepared to present themselves confidently to German employers. My philosophy is centered on giving my students the knowledge and skills that will catapult them personally and professionally forward while empowering them to take ownership over their international careers for years to come.

Beyond the insightful content I provide in the workshops, my teaching approach emboldens students to manage their careers, become lifelong learners, and take responsibility for their professional trajectories.

I’m motivated by and invested in the success of my students. Past participants often describe me as energetic and engaging with a friendly demeanor.

My native language is American English and I speak German fluently.

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Birgit Suárez

Birgot’s Wprds,

I am Birgit Caspar de Suárez, a Career Coach, Business Consultant and Founder of CAsalon. I specialize in German employment and labour market. So whether you are a professional looking for change or work, or a corporate company thinking of expanding business in Germany, I can turn your professional goals into a reality. I have over 25 years of experience with strong intercultural skills and fluency in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Danish.

I strongly believe that Career/Business coaching as not a business transaction, but a personal investment and collaboration of like-minded people. This is why I approach every request as a relationship. I build a personal connection with all my clients to better understand their challenges, identify their strengths and recognize their differentiating factors.

Using these and my intensive personal development approach, I help them create a strong personal brand that can catch the fancy of headhunters, recruiters and organisation leaders alike.

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Heike Rodel

Owner of a recruitment consulting company since 2010, specialised in Recruitment, Headhunting, Career Coaching and Jobcoaching. Head of Recruiting in a small-sized pharmaceutical company in Berlin.

>> Recruiting, Onboarding, Employer Branding, Retention Management, People Management
>> Full-cycle recruitment of specialists and top management positions for small & medium-sized companies with focus in Berlin area. Proven track record of successfull placements in germany and world-wide with approved recruitment methods (job advertisement, executive search) as well as social media recruiting. Experience in a variety of industries (IT, New Media, Retail, E-Commerce, Consulting, Healthcare/Pharma, Engineering, Facility Management…).

>> Career Coaching and Jobcoaching for Employed, Self-employed and Expatriates. Profile Coaching, Application Consulting and Jobcoaching for New Berliners and Employees.

Specialties: People Management, Human Resources, Onboarding, Retention Management, Recruiting processes, Full-cycle Recruitment, Executive Search, Headhunting, Direct Search, Career Counseling, Jobcoaching, Profile Coaching, HR diagnostic, Candidate Management

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Jacqueline Sladern

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Emily Archer

Emily about herself,

Not only am I your Berlin relocation consultant, but I am also your first friend in Berlin. Originally from Australia, I founded Archer Relocation desiring to use my first-hand experience and professional skills to assist fellow expats moving to Berlin.

My background as a professional ballet dancer and an occupational therapist provides a perfect foundation for Archer Relocation. My intensive ballet training has equipped me to work hard, stay focused and persevere to reach almost unattainable goals. As an occupational therapist, I honed my skills in listening to the needs of clients, understanding their desires and empathising with the worries that affect people in such different ways.

These attributes enable me to meet your deadlines and deliver a great ‘performance’ every time. I may no longer be as physically flexible as my days in tutus and pointe shoes, but flexibility in finding client solutions is still my hallmark. I will ‘bend over backwards’ to find an apartment that is just right, coordinate your appointments with estate agents and housing management and manage the process of getting all of your registrations and visas filed accurately.

I know Berlin like the back of my hand, and I enjoy the demands of being “on my toes” all day — timing appointments, waltzing from interpreting to consulting and taking leaps and bounds to tackle the Berlin bureaucracy. I can even spin out advice from my own first-hand experiences of living in this great city as a foreigner, a scholar, a ballet dancer, an employee, a mother of two sons, a therapist, a freelancer, and now a business owner.

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Ira Rueder

About Ira, acoording their official website

Ira Rueder ist founder and owner of CHANGE 4 SUCCESS. She counsels organizations in change-projects, practices mediation, is trainer, speaker and executive coach and supports leaders, top performers and entrepreneurs as sparring partner at eye-level.

Ira Rueder is certified by university as business coach, change manager and mediator and also successfully completed further educations as an outplacement- and career-coach. Individual development with lasting effect by creating intensive experiences and activating unknown resources in individuals is her focus. Communicational psychology and emotional psychology are core parts of her practice as well as a fine sense of humour.

Ira Rueder successfully made her career in the upper management of different international companies in the travel and financial services industry. During this time, she already focused on human resource development, as the uncovering of unknown potentials in individuals is dear to her heart. She successfully completed further educations for trainer and training supervisor and conceptually designed programmes for human resources development with special focus on leadership development.

Ira Rueder studied at Euro-FH Hamburg, Free University of Berlin and Bielefeld University in the faculties of labour law, mediation, emotional psychology, communicational psychology and personality psychology and took her Masters degree in Business Coaching & Change Management. To scientifically further expand her knowledge, Ira Rueder is extra-occupationally taking her doctoral´s degree in the field of Managing Diversity at Bielefeld University.

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Hema Bennett

We are experts at clarifying a true path forward with values and goals that need to be met in order for you to live your most fulfilling life.

We uncover blocks and patterns in behavior that may be limiting you in your career and personal life, along with championing your unique long-term goals. You will feel more grounded and clear, ready to face the next chapter with full confidence and enthusiasm. We teach techniques to tame your inner critics that are practical and effective. We create a path forward by clearing doubts and fears. We instigate a motivating mindset that is sustainable.

Coaching is an alliance, a partnership between the coach and client. It is a dialogue-based process where we use techniques learnt from formal Coach training at an ICF accredited institute (Coach Training Institute) as well as NLP techniques.

Coaching is our passion.  Working with Vital Focus helps you to identify your inner resources and put them into action in order to achieve your desired goals, every time.

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Jennina Grüger

ennina’s Words about herself,

I made a promise to myself to live a happy and passionate life. And I want you to do the same.

As a life and career coach I support people to explore their passions, own their strengths and improve their confidence to design a life they love. I help my clients to develop a deeper connection with themselves and find what they need to follow their own paths and live a meaningful life.

To figure out what that would look like for myself, I had to get to know myself better.

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Lindsey Trleor

Lindsey’s words,

I want to coach people who are motivated to take control of their lives, work towards something meaningful, and willing to put the work in to change. I fully believe everyone is capable of change, if they truly want it. Making the first step is often the hardest. I’m honoured every time someone allows me to help them get more from their life.

I do not judge or moralize chosen lifestyles, sexual orientation, or alternative relationship models.

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  • Lecturer for Psychotherapy: Director of consultant management for the online-coaching platform talknow
  • Psychotherapist with main focus on Berlins expat community
  • Couple Counseling with multicultural couples
  • Family counseling with families who have children with psychological illnesses
  • Familytherapist in cooperation with youth welfare services
  • Organization of educational and therapeutic single and group counseling sessions
  • Independent therapist for the Integration Services and the socio-psychological Service
  • Support and crisis intervention of young refugees

Regular training to expand my qualifications as well as supervisions are part of my regular work.

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INgo Schmökel

My entire professional life has been accompanied by the ability to make what is difficult to grasp and grasp visible for others – comparable to an architect who has to translate the ideas and wishes of a client into a real property. Many of these situations were challenging: be it the construction of a TV station from nothing in less than three months, as a site manager always standing between the chairs or conjuring up new strategies overnight.

The competencies that I offer you today as support come from targeted professional qualifications, from reflections on my professional experience and skills learned in different industries. I took on positions in which the aim was to combine economic and creative goals, to overcome hurdles efficiently and profitably for the individual and for the company. My ability to recognize strengths very quickly and to lead people in different ways helped me.

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Tamara Kunze

A certified Senior HR Professional and Business and Management Coach. Loves people and development and has been recruiting and developing people since 2000. 10+ years international experience (Canada, Irland, Turkey, South Africa, Australia etc.) as HR Director with global companies in several industries. Therefore Tamara knows very well the needs of the HR Departments and the Hiring Managers and is passionate about providing best service and quality for both: companies and candidates.

Very passionate about finding the right high quality candidates for high quality positions in high quality companies. Offers you a long-term professional partnership with high quality standards in Executive Search, Direct Search, Recruitment, Assessment Center, Management and Business Coaching.

Has over 15 years’ experience in identifying, developing, and implementing effective solutions for organizations struggling to recruit in the war for talents and to retain top talent in international environments. Works very passionate with organizations to support their efforts to build great companies and coaches people to grow in these organizations. She is a member of the European Coaching Association (ECA) and the high performance coaching association WingWave

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Gordon Müller-Eschenbach

For me, working as a coach means working very closely and intensely with someone in a trusting manner. The proximity makes it possible for us to look at topics together that would otherwise not be viewed openly, but which always paralyze and restrict. Or we shed light on questions that are otherwise quickly lost in everyday life, but are essential for happiness, joy and success . Proximity only comes about through trust – building trust between me as a coach and you as a client is therefore the prerequisite for our cooperation. We both decide in the first meetingwhether we want to work together and “whether it fits”.

So that this can happen easily, the first 45 minutes of the first session are free for you. And even after that there is no obligation, hourly contingents or process steps that are mandatory or that are decisive for success. Success usually occurs after the first session and of course I give you the opportunity to take a different path at any time. The duty of confidentiality – not only on account of honor but also legally as a naturopath – binds me additionally.

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Christine Werner

My clients describe me as a warm-hearted, motivating person who manages to capture the most important things in and for their counterpart at breakneck speed. Through targeted questions and impulses, the perspective changes immediately, solutions are found, and things move on with verve and confidence.

My high level of empathy, my strong intuition, the ability to always work in a goal-oriented manner and – as a basis – well-founded coaching training and ongoing training help me. Through my work as a HR manager, I also have extensive recruiting experience. In addition to current HR issues, I am very interested in psychological issues and in the possibilities of a healthier, more sustainable economy

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