Best 10+ Career Coaches in United Arab Emirates

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Hello People, We hope you are doing great. Today in this post we are publishing Best Career Coaches in United Arab Emirates. We hope this information will definitely help you to build your career.

Best 10+ Career Coaches in United Arab Emirates

Zeta Yarwood

is one of the leading Executive Life Coaches and Career Coaches in Dubai. Every day she strives for one thing: to help as many people as possible to experience success and fulfillment in their careers, and their lives.

With 10+ years in the corporate world, including MNC experience. 6+ years working in recruitment in London and Dubai. A successful career transition. 6 years working with senior-level professionals worldwide as their Executive Life Coach and Career Coach. Plus 5 years running effective Executive Coaching programs and workshops for MNCs globally. Zeta knows what it takes to live a successful and fulfilling life. She has now dedicated her life to help you live this way too.

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Danielle Smith:

Hello, I am Danielle, a leading life, career, and executive coach in Dubai. I built a successful recruitment agency in Dubai and whilst I was earning the much desired six-figure salary (GBP), my job was not fulfilling me. In 2015 I successfully exited the business, redefined my purpose and drive in life and started working in line with my values.

I already had over a decade of experience in career coaching and quickly expanded my services with life coaching and executive coaching (it is all connected!) Over the last years, I coached more than 300 different clients.

Whether it is helping you becoming an entrepreneur, taking your career to a new level, making a career shift, becoming happier, being more fulfilled or living in line with your goals, values and purpose in life.

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Chadi Nassar:

I’m a Certified Master Coach (International Coaching Council, ICC), hold a B.Sciences in Biochemistry and an MBA in Intellectual Property Management as well as being fluent in 4 languages (English, French, Mandarin and Arabic). I am currently a Sales Coach in the Luxury Retail Industry & recently branching out into other fields because I’ve found that what I already coach translates well into the life-coaching field & it brings me joy to see people improve in all life aspects.

I have 8 programs online ready to start anytime using a laptop or your cellphone. The programs are already set and just need to be tweaked to your specific needs which is why when you approach me, I might ask a few questions to get to know your needs best. I only accept people who want to be coached and truly want to change something in their lives. Please approach me through the contact form below only if you are ready and committed to start since I take coaching seriously though I do have a sense of humor too 🙂

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Aina Raj:

I’m Aina Raj, ICF certified ACC life & career coach based in Dubai, UAE. As a life coach, I help women and men to find more clarity and purpose in life, encourage positive thinking and manage negativity, and work on overall personal development to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life.

As a career coach, I empower ambitious individuals who feel stuck or confused in different phases of their career to choose and progress in a career path they are passionate about while finding a healthy balance between, life, relationships, work and social commitments.

Personal life and career coaching can’t be separated into two different boxes.. The reason being if you are not happy at work, it will effect on your family life and vice versa. So I choose a holistic approach to coach and empower my clients to achieve happiness, fulfillment and success.

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Philippe Mathijs:

With over 25 years of international experience across the Consulting and Financial Services industries within the Business, Risk and IT disciplines, Philippe has direct experience of the challenges being faced by today’s leaders and how to focus on dealing with these.

He spent over 10 years and thousands of hours marrying business, coaching and mentoring before fully dedicating his life to his passion of helping people to reach their full and outstanding potential. Philippe believes people can achieve their desires, aspirations and explore their potential in a way which will discover new ways of living, operating, behaving and being.

He is truly passionate about seeing people grow and thrive in ways that they deeply desire. He has reached the PCC level coaching credential and served on the board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – UAE Chapter as an executive in 2019. He is also an Implementation Mastery Facilitator for the World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) organization and is also a Mentor Coach.

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Jihen El Abed Gatti:

I’m Jihen Gatti, your expansion Catalyst, passionate about empowering inspired achievers to become the creators of their chosen life and simply thrive. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of the human mind, curious about how much we can achieve, about the nature of emotions and how our habits and results are created.

The higher I was progressing in the corporate ladder , the more conscious I became of the suffering and frustration of smart, talented individuals that are just not enjoying their work or their life anymore. They compromise on their dreams, their values or their passions to fit in, to act responsibly or to achieve success. In the process, they lose their life sparkle and they suffer in their health.

What I learned through my own experience and through my coaching practice is that: “THERE IS another way.” I can help you stop the suffering, get unstuck and feel, behave and live as you choose to.

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Jasmine Navarro:

I specialize in life coaching students through school and life coaching adults through changes.  SCHOOL: READY TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL? When I was a student, I didn’t know how important it was to express my true feelings. And I had no idea how not sharing them with others would impact my decision-making regarding my academic & personal life.

At university age, choosing my career path was a challenge. I was facing unexpected personal issues and not equipped to make a life decision so big. Life coaching can help. If you’re a parent of a student or a university student yourself, coaching with Nava can be a preventative tool, and help give you the techniques, clarity, and confidence to reach your full potential.

CHANGE: READY TO TAKE THE LEAP? I know first-hand about wanting to escape your life. To feel alone. To want to run away from all your problems. I know, because I did it. I ran for 15 years, across 11 countries and 3 continents. I was stuck, even though I kept moving.

But you can get unstuck, just like I did. Unstuck from a job that isn’t going anywhere. Unstuck from friends who feel distant. Unstuck from a relationship that feels stagnant. It all starts with change, and with believing that you can take the leap.

LET’S GET STARTED. The first step is focusing on yourself. And as your certified professional life coach, I’m here to help every step of the way. I accept you as you are, and I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing who you become.

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Emeline Roissetter:

Emeline is a highly-accomplished coach with a unique background in supporting talented individuals and businesses reach their full potential through customized solutions. With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Talent Management across several industries from start-ups to multinationals, Emeline excels in analyzing and developing behaviors, skills, strengths, processes and strategies that support success and excellence.

Emeline is a strong believer that each individual and therefore each organization, is resourceful and creative with energy, wisdom, ability and genius waiting to be set in motion. Her expertise coupled with her positive and energetic personality inspires everyone she comes across to take actions in the accomplishment of their goals.

Member of the International Coach Academy, Emeline is currently upgrading to the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential with the International Coach Federation. She also holds a Bachelor Degree from NEOMA International Business School in France as well as several certifications including Leadership & Management, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, and the ATD Coaching Certificate Program.

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Salma El-Shurafa:

My work as an Executive Coach and Facilitator of Transformation draws on 15 years of extensive experience as a Human Resources professional, entrepreneur, coach and facilitator. I have coached hundreds of professionals, teams and groups across the Middle East, Asia and Europe, ranging from C-Suite executives to mid-level managers. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and leading organizations in the region.

Nothing fulfills me more than seeing my clients become inspired and connect to their power within. We all face moments in our lives when we aspire for more and seek change, but are not sure how to move forward. This almost always requires a leap of faith! However, what often stops us is not a lack of courage, but the lack of a roadmap to give us inspiration to follow through with our goals.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the prestigious industry leader, Coaching Training Institute (CTI). In 2013, I became the first female Arab faculty member at CTI, where I train and supervise future generations of coaches. I am also a Faculty Member at the Majid Al Futtaim Leadership Institute, where I deliver leadership development programs and executive coaching to top-talent across the organization.

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Deena AlMansoori:

Deena built herself a successful and promising career in Program and Business Management amid challenging work and personal circumstances. At the apex of her career, She decided to get out of her comfort zone and follow her heart and left her secure job to pursue her dream: build a community where everyone shares a goal of making positive changes in their lives, a community where everyone has the right mindset to see the never-ending opportunities.

In her journey of self-discovery and enrichment, Deena didn’t settle on just attending courses, reading books or obtaining certificates. She took a leap and experienced firsthand the physical and emotional challenge of achieving new goals. Deena was the first Emirati woman to hike Suge La high pass in Tibet. The experience was both scary and exciting.

After she returned, she decided to publish an article about her experience in The National Newspaper. Deena did not stop there. She started 2016 by climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro. Deena’s journey of self-discovery took her traveling to different places which enabled her to gather experiences which few people, let alone Emirati women, are able to do. Deena is passionate about sharing her life-changing experiences with those who want to make a difference in their lives.

Deena always says that you are responsible for your life, you are the maker of your own happiness, you are the achiever of your dreams. She firmly believes that life is a theatre, full of stories. Stories we write, act, and direct. We choose the chapters we live, the roles we play. Let Deena help you write a better chapter in your life.

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