Best 10+ Career Coaches in India

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Best 10+ Career Coaches in India

Johncey George

Executive Leadership and Life Coach and an Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (ICF – ACC). He works with Executives, Senior Leaders and Business Owners to help them achieve their goals in their business and career.

Johncey specializes in Leadership Coaching for Introverts. He helps them celebrate their strengths and become successful as leaders. Being an introvert himself, he understands their thinking process. He combines this knowledge, his 2 decades of corporate leadership experience and his coaching experience to help create more leaders among the Introverts.

The coaching conversations help them unlock their potential and achieve their developmental goals and in turn achieve organizational goals. The coaching sessions enable them to see some blind spots and he helps them overcome that. He also acts as a sounding board for them and help them take powerful, quick decisions.

Johncey helps organization build a strong second and third level of leaders by developing their Executive Presence in addition to other leadership skills required for a 21st century leader.

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Anamika Chawhan

I AM A HUMAN DRIVEN BY ACTION AND A CREATOR OF POWERFUL EXPERIENCES.I’m Dr. ANAMIKA CHAWHAN, a Life Coach, Speaker, and an Author. I did my Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Knowledge Management. I have made a decade long contributions in Academia and Corporate both.

I am motivated to motivate, and so are my books, “Training Need Analysis” and “Knowledge Management”. They unfold the power of practicality and knowledge in regards to growth, prosperity and development. I aim to be focused on the future, to reap a better life.

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Rachel Gojer

My name is Rachel Gojer and I am in the business of what I call “Optimizing Excellence”.  I believe that my mission in life is to help people connect to their inner strengths and use these strengths to create their success, wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

One of my biggest learnings in life is that the highest level of success we achieve happens only when we become the best version of ourselves. We can learn from others but when we start honoring our uniqueness and individuality, real and sustainable success happens.

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Ankit Chhajed

After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2011, I have led various startus and got successful exits in the last few. I have always believed in a motivated and passionate style of leadership, where my work has been focussed to create self directed, motivated, and inspired individuals in my team, thus creating a form of inspired activity, and initiative!

I have a keen interest in coaching young executives, in shaping their careers and future by helping them realise them some of the core win-win attitudes in life which in turn provides them an unshakeable direction for their future.​

My coaching methodology is based on high level intuition, self-reflection, deep level conversations.

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Sakti Bagchi

I like listening, observing and understanding human behaviors, nature in general and the inherent rhythm. I share these through this blogs. I am a trained coach with 5+ years of successful coaching experience. I am working in IT industry for past 20 years in different roles but primarily as a people management and project delivery leader.

I am a Trained ICF coach with a specialization in leadership, relationship, and career coaching. People manager by profession with plenty of years of people development, mentoring, and transforming experience.

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Jagadish Kundu

Dr. Kundu hails from the city of Joy, Kolkata. He has versatile experience in a multitude of industries for more than 25 years. He has worked in Tata Motors, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Cap Gemini Ernst & Young US, and Cognizant Technology Solutions. He has also taught University students at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Dr. Kundu has kept himself associated with academia all throughout his life. He is a BE and Ph.D. from IIEST, Shibpur, and an ME from IISc, Bangalore. Jagadish is a Ph.D. from IIEST, Shibpur, and brings his research and teaching experience to the fore when it comes to guiding youngsters to choose better careers.

He has attended Management Development Programs at IIM, Bangalore and ISB, Hyderabad. Dr Kundu has the Global Career Counsellor Certification from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension and ACC certification from International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Sonali Mishra

is a certified Global Career Counsellor from UCLA Extension and Univariety. She also holds an International Diploma in mental health counselling skills and is a member of World Federation for Mental Health. She has counselled more than 2000 professionals, college & school students in some of the best schools across north & south India.

Ms. Sonila Mishra brings with her the experience of working with two of India’s largest online counselling platforms. She has guided and counseled individuals ranging from pre-high-school students to fresh colleges/ university pass outs preparing for their first career break, to senior managers and professionals in various fields of profession.

Her expertise and experience in making assessments, organizing workshops and advising a career road map helps a candidate in achieving his/her professional goals.

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Padmavathi Devarakonda

She is Globally certified career counsellor from University of California and Univariety. Padmavathi is a Masters in Arts and Philosophy with research in English. Tennis is her favorite sport and she believes in delivering aces in all her endeavors. She is a widely traveled person in the tennis circuit.

She possesses a lot of knowledge about sports scholarships, especially tennis scholarships, available in the US universities for undergraduate programs. This is a boon for international students and a blessing for those with sporting credentials.

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Rahul Dasondi

is an ambitious professional who has the passion for career counselling. A Mechanical Engineer by his academic qualification and a certified Global Career Counsellor by profession from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and Univariety, Mr. Rahul Dasondi has a vast knowledge and compassion towards this field.

Currently working for an NGO in the education sector, Mr. Rahul is focused on contributing towards providing an equal education opportunity to students from all walks of life. His core is interacting with the students, understanding their background and share his insights on different career options for them. “Knowledge is meant to be shared and with all my academic & professional experiences, I’d like to help individuals achieve success and happiness in their prospective careers.” He added.

Along with working in an NGO, he also takes up counselling workshops in schools & colleges. Believing that there’s need of major change in the education system today, students need proper career guidance and a 360 degrees knowledge about their prospective careers.

Mr. Rahul Dasondi’s passion towards the field of career counselling has highly motivated him to take up entrepreneurship in this industry. Today, he is the founder of Career Achiever360, Indore, MP. His commitment to providing complete guidance to students and the youth looking for college & career counselling makes him one of the most sought-after career counsellors in Madhya Pradesh.

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Marian Anugraha

founder of Believe Coaching and Behavioural Training Services. I am an MBA with 14+ yrs in Training and Development and Coaching. I am also a certified ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a Certified Psychometric Assessor from Devine Group.

I have trained and Coached about 3000+ Corporate Professionals and Students in the field of Behavioural Training. My passion lies in helping and transforming people’s lives so that they can lead a more happy, holistic, meaningful and fulfilling life.

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Samya Ahmed

is an Executive Coach and Facilitator. She partners with professionals to facilitate insights and actions to support them in realizing their potential. She supports professionals through Coaching, Mentoring, Training, in addition to using psychometric tools, 360 degree feedback and other development tools.

Samya has over 23 years of experience and brings expertise in areas related to Leadership, Career Transition, and Personal Effectiveness. Her key strengths lie in developing and coaching individuals for success in their professional lives.  She has also facilitated workshops on Leadership, Collaboration, Personal Effectiveness, Conflict and Change Management.

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