Best 10+ Career Coaches in Singapore

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Best 10+ Career Coaches in Singapore

Graham Kean

As an intuitive, therapeutic coach and trainer, I help clients develop a clear path forward by addressing their limiting beliefs and impact their BEING at a deep psychological level. I support clients to see how their past holds them back in the present. People often feel comfortable in the shadow, I journey with them and shine a light on the darkness, enabling them to see a clear vision for their future & live into their purpose. You’ll explore life-changing solutions that promote real & lasting transformation.
You will be given specific tools & models that are tailored to your needs in-line with your desired results. You can expect absolute confidentiality & no judgement during your coaching journey with me.

Please browse the rest of my website to find out more about my areas of specialty and how I will be able to help you. Check out the clients I work with and what they say about me.

I also provide corporate trainings and motivational workshops for companies and organisations in Singapore.

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Chuen Chuen

Helping others find and use their strengths is rewarding to me. World-class training programs I have taken opened my eyes to what is possible when leadership agility coaching methods are applied.

Using professional coaching to help leaders discover keys for unlocking their greatest potential is something I enjoy doing. Total Prestige Magazine called me the “secret weapon needed for businessmen and women to become the best they can be in the executive world.”

That said, it is a great honor to help leaders gain and develop leadership skills they didn’t realize they possessed.

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Lai Han Sam

I strongly believe that as women, we have the strength and power to change our lives for the better and achieve our dreams. We can have it all.

My name is Sam, I am the Founder of Lifework Global and a Woman’s Life Coach. My passion is to help women nurture The Whole Woman in them and have a more purposeful life. I journey with my clients through their life transitions and changes with more clarity, freedom and joy.

I help women through mid-life transitions who wants to find another way. After partnering with me, they find clarity, freedom and joy in their lives. My clients have better work-life balance, fulfilling relationships, productive careers and financial freedom. They see the infinite possibilities in their lives and that they don’t have to give up, or resigned to be trapped.

No matter how hard life is, they can thrive in difficult conditions and rise above life’s challenges.

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Nigel Nolan

Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

We believe that work life should be engaging and enjoyable. Like when is child is playing in a Sandbox. Both individuals and organisations can contribute towards this end and choose to Shape Ideal Careers, for themselves or their employees. Everything we do is based on this philosophy.

In addition to the magazine, we also provide expert career-related counselling, coaching and training services in Singapore/Asia.

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Clarissa Hor

Our Mission – We equip and guide people with career education. We facilitate career decision making at different transition points.

Our Vision – Building Career Adaptability in the Workforce

Our People – are certified and credentialed by the US National Career Development Association (NCDA) to provide career related training and coaching.

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Mohan Balagopal and Vinod Balagopal

Our Mission – To promote smart workplaces with happy employees.

By: Helping businesses increase profitability by incorporating the best industry practices and progressive people management strategies into their daily operations, and

Helping people achieve career success by setting clearer goals, having daily doses of happiness and using strategies to be continuously challenged and adaptable in a changing environment.

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Nitya Rao-Perera

Nitya is the founder of Global Lumen HR. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She has worked with over 75 clients and has extensive coaching experience with senior leaders and emerging managers.

We help you identify your inner dynamics, recognise your strengths and support you in identifying tools, knowledge and opportunities to help in your career planning and experience fulfillment in your career.

We also support our clients in their CV development, LinkedIn profile building, networking skills, negotation skills and a host of other soft skills.

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Sandra Quelle

The founder of The Happy Mondays Co. With a masters’ in Business and Strategy Management and studies in Organisational Behaviour, Coaching, Facilitation and Mindfulness Sandra has been creating sustainable positive change since 2012.

Trusted by individuals and organisations, Sandra spreads the possibility of “Happy Mondays” by empowering people to achieve their greatest potential.

A thought-leader, Sandra was a speaker at the very first TEDx Adventure Singapore. Since then, she has become a renowned speaker for Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture.

Besides her work, Sandra is also a Board Member of Women Empowerment Non-profit and a certified yoga teacher.

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Amanda Duarte

Amanda is a chamaleon who has successfully changed careers four times across three languages over the last 20 years. Having worked across the globe (Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia), she gained vast experience across industries and business environments such as MNCs, NGO and start-ups, giving her the unique ability to understand individual needs and create cross-culturally meaningful and sustainable solutions.

After burnout, spawned by the dynamic and high-paced life, she decided to live on purpose and made her mandate to be a catalyst for change.

As an Executive Coach who has specialized in Health and Wellbeing, she advocates for living an authentic and wholehearted life, driving her work to break the stigma of Emotional Wellbeing. Even with such an extensive career trajectory, she states that her most meaningful accomplishment, unequivocally, is the family she built with her husband and two kids.

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Emma Burkitt

Emma is a HR Professional and Executive Coaching Practitioner, who has spent her career focusing on the relationship between people and potential.

Specializing in Talent Attraction, Management & Engagement, L&OD and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, she has worked with a wide range of organisations ranging from corporate multinationals to hyper-growth start-ups.

Her creative and personalised approach, blended expertise and insider knowledge enable her to support both individuals and organizations to explore possibilities, get clear on ‘what good looks like’, and take empowered practical steps to achieve it.

Alongside her work with The Happy Mondays Co, Emma has worked with burned-out executives in well-being retreats, and regularly contributes to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Organisational Development projects multinationally.

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Andrew Jones

is an experienced Executive Coach, Mentor and Career Counselor practicing in Singapore, where he works for a wide range of organisations and individuals: leaders and professionals from MNCs to Entrepreneurs across many industries.

Andrew offers three one-to-one working methods: Coaching, Mentoring or Career Counseling. Andrew always starts a new relationship with a free, no-commitment, “chemistry” meeting to hear the Client’s objectives and to explain which method can serve the Client. Only with that understanding does he propose a formal engagement with the Client.

Consultations are normally for 90 minutes face-to-face in a confidential space. Alternative arrangements are available for working over a distance or more intensive interventions.

Andrew builds a close and trusting relationship with his Client. He keeps the Client’s perspectives central and strives for new insights by exploring what is going on, both in the material the Client offers and in the conversation itself as it unfolds. Clients find Andrew easy to confide in and resourceful in guiding them along their journey.

He is equally comfortable working with Asian talent and foreign entrants seeking to grow in Asian markets. Andrew has a reputation for being a good listener, not judging his clients, and respecting and protecting their confidences.

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