Best 15+ Career Coaches in Canada

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Hey People, We hope you are doing great. Today in this post we are publishing 15+ Career Coaches in Canada. We hope this information will definitely help you to build your carer.

Best 15+ Career Coaches in Canada

Mary Kruger:

Offers career and life coaching. Career packages are available for people who are in transition, looking to change their career or advance in the career they love. Mary has worked with over 1200 people from executive to entry-level.

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Martina Payette:

Entrepreneurial and Career Exploration, Career Planning, and Career Strategy are all part of the process of creating a resilient work life. Your career is a living, breathing, evolving landscape. As a sociologist at heart, language lover, and people potential promoter, I closely observe human habits, seek to understand them and work to make sense of trends and processes.

I do this to help people be their best; to make a living, design meaningful career paths, be gainfully employed, and improve their workplaces in their own way.

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Christine Christiano:

We are dedicated to working closely with each client via in-person (when applicable), Skype, phone interview or email correspondence to fully understand their career objectives and gather all the relevant information necessary to create an effective, targeted resume or focused career coaching sessions. Our expertise is derived from our experience in the resume writing and career coaching industry.

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Colleen Jones & Karen Lilly:

As seasoned HR professionals, we have spent decades helping senior leaders engage employees, retain high potentials, and develop their talent pipeline. We bring a deep understanding of what leaders need from their people to drive business results, what employees are looking for in their career, and the skills that set-top performers apart from the rest.

Working together as Senior Advisors to High Potential Talent in a large financial institution, Karen and Colleen came to realize how important career advancement is to employee engagement and satisfaction, yet how few people really feel fulfilled in their career.

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Ariana Elsie McNally:

Ariana has spent almost two decades in Sales, Operations, and Professional & Personal Development while helping companies of all sizes build stronger structures.  She works with leaders from the business owner to management team members and even those that don’t yet have titles, to expand in their Leadership capabilities.

Ariana’s clients have represented industries such as Financial Services/Insurance, Creative Services, Advertising, Consumer Products, Food Services, Travel, Education, Technical Services, and many more.

As a Certified Coach (ACC, ICF designation & ACE certified coach), she is passionate about helping others live into their unlimited potential. Ariana coaches clients in Canada, the U.S., and Internationally.

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Jen Narayan:

A Note from Jan,

An exciting and inspiring workplace. A sense of belonging.  A place where you can sharpen your skills and grow. A fulfilling career.

Everyone deserves a stimulating and rewarding career. Looking to make a career change or climb the corporate ladder? New to the job force or Canada? I can help you find your way during this exciting time of transition.

I’m no stranger to feeling lost, but I found my dream job helping others find theirs. For over a decade, I have been guiding clients towards their ideal career path by defining their goals based on their unique skills and passions. In other words, I help you create a plan that is easy to execute.

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Vesna Antwan:

Vesna’s Words,

My mission is to guide soul-seeking individuals in finding their way back to themselves and their inner compass. As a racialized and multilingual coach, I am at ease interacting with a variety of people and I promise to accompany my clients in living a more purposeful and enriching life.

I care deeply about supporting my clients in reconnecting to the things that make their hearts sing. In my transformational coaching practice, I work with the whole person (mind, body, spirit) in order to turn your hopes and dreams into reality through approaches of mindfulness, self-love, and compassion. We will work so well together if you are curious, engaged, and open—if you are ready for change and looking for direction.

Before completing my personal and professional coaching certification, I worked in various fields, including higher education administration and communications. The common thread throughout my career has been a deep curiosity and interest in people.

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Barbara Wilson:

Barbara’s Words,

I am a career development and learning professional with a 20-year track record of improving individual capability, and helping teams and organizations achieve their objectives. My success has come from leveraging my strengths as an educator, trusted advisor and coach to help others find clearer direction and goals, develop and move forward with confidence, and achieve the success they define so they can thrive.

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Louise Neil:

Neil’s Words,

My journey here to Louise Neil Coaching is probably very similar to your own. We both ended up here on the same website now, didn’t we? I truly believe in following your gut and becoming passionate and connected in your career and your life. It is the people who can truly be happy and connected that shine a light upon the world in a way no one else can. It is those people who make things happen.

My story doesn’t start here though.

I thought I had it all together, but it sure didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t sure why I felt so ungrateful for the things I had. Why was it so hard to get to work every day? Why did it take all my energy? Why did I not have enough time to spend with my family, my kid, or to look after myself.

On the drive to work, I’d be on autopilot, not even realizing how I had gotten there. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’d search the job boards and take every assessment imaginable. I kept wondering and dreaming of something better. But nothing seemed to fit, including the job I was currently doing.

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Tanya Romanuk:

Tanya’s Words,

After two decades of a career in banking, software start-ups, a grand mal epilepsy diagnosis, an unhappy marriage and divorce, living in five countries, and supporting my family, I felt stuck. I was living a life I believed I had no choice to live. I was burnt out and sad all the time, my health suffered and I had no time for my loved ones, something had to change.

I started questioning why I kept doing the very things that made me so unhappy and my answers always began with I have to, or I can’t; I have to earn more money, I can’t change careers now, I can’t start my own business. The questions led me to my intuition which led me to my best self, a Purpose & Performance Coach.

Being previously in the corporate world gives me the unique ability to relate to the challenges people in business experience. I am passionate about purpose, intuition, and helping create intuitive performers, those that can access and follow their intuition to massively drive their lives forward.

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Maria Angoso:

Maria’s Words,

I’m an international trilingual leader with over 8 years of experience of managing and developing teams, clients, and digital communication strategies around the world before becoming a Career Growth and Transition facilitator.

With a Business and Masters Degree in International Business and what many would consider a successful career climbing the ladder, I decided to take a leap and pivot my career to become a Certified Coach, and I finally believe I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with experience, I provide individual and group coaching to multinational organizations by supporting ambitious professionals that are feeling stagnant, struggling with motivation, and seeking fulfillment at work. I am on a mission to elevate and expand professional results through enhanced self-awareness.

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Conor Gibbons:

Conor’s Words,

After more than 10 years of experience in career coaching and employee assistance with an internationally renowned company, I have achieved a keen sense of the range of challenges experienced by people in today’s workforce. I am dedicated to motivating and guiding clients in discovering their individual strengths and in overcoming these challenges.

I am firmly committed to keeping up-to-date on trends in both career coaching, stress, and work/life balance, as well as labor market directions. I bring my depth of knowledge and experience to each of my coaching sessions.

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Lisa Plain:

Lisa’s Words,

Did you know that your work (including average commute) takes up a minimum of 50% of the hours you spend awake in a given week? When you’re 85 years old and looking back on your life, will you feel like it was a life well-lived? If the answer isn’t a “Hell yes!”, it’s up to you to change it. And you’ve come to the right place.

I am ready to support, guide, and inspire you to uncover those hidden dreams and move toward a career that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. And the best part? Everything you need is already inside of you. All you need to do is get started.

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Luanna Horobin:

Coaching is rapidly becoming a common approach, globally, for ‘game changers’. They include individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations ready to gain a competitive edge to fulfill their purpose, legacy, or mission. Coaching is also a great way for people to improve their work and life relationships.

Research has proven that the cost of coaching quickly pays for itself.  A company’s investment in coaching for its executives typically yields a six-fold return based on improved work performance and productivity, agility, adaptability, enhanced leadership capacity, as well as improved business management and team effectiveness.  Leaders also gain increased self-confidence, improved communication skills, and better work/life balance.

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Emmanuel Gallant:

My name is Emmanuel. I am a husband, a dad, and also a strengths-based transformational and career coach. My mission is for you to unleash your authentic power and find true and lasting fulfillment in your career.

I am a very flawed individual. I do a lot of things wrong, and it often takes me some significant time to learn from them. Now the main thing I am actually proud of is my unconditional commitment to keep growing as an individual, no matter what.

I believe that life’s main purpose is aiming toward inner peace (including happiness) and that the degree of inner peace one experiences has a lot to do with one commitment toward personal growth, starting with aligning themselves with one core passion and living one purpose.

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Michelle Ashley:

Are you frustrated with your current career path?

Ready to STOP job-hopping so you can START thriving in your dream job?

Are you seeking new motivation and inspiration in your career?

Have you been out of the workforce for a while and find yourself struggling to re-enter?

No matter your reason for exploring the job boards- with our coaching we can help you:

  • Prepare job search documents (Resumes, etc.)

  • Develop a personal brand

As well as help you to seek out learning and networking opportunities that will aid you in furthering your career.

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